La Ceruglia is situated a kilometer outside Anghiari, which is close to the Umbrian border. It is in the province of Arezzo, an hour and half south-east of Florence and ten minutes from the Upper Tiber Valley town of Sansepolcro, the birthplace of the Early Renasissance painter Piero Della Francesca. Anghiari is a glorious small hilltop town, widely known for its beauty, fine linen (Busatti), antique furniture and its restoration, and its many restaurants with fine local cuisine, including hand-made pasta and cinghiale - wild boar - sauce.

There are many famous sites to see, most of which are full day trips. For example, Assisi, Perugia, Urbino, Florence, Siena, Ravenna, San Gimignano, Montepulciano and Pienza.

Closer to home are Gubbio, and of course Sansepolchro and Arezzo - both of which have wonderful Piero paintings and murals. Arezzo has a huge antiques market on the first weekend of every month.The area is full of small towns with their own enchantments, such as Monterchi, Caprese Michelangelo and Citerna.

There are many festas - or festivals - held in towns and villages great and small, celebrating anything from grapes and olives to mushrooms and the well-known Fiorentina beef steaks. Renaissance pageants, displays and religious ceremonies are frequent. There are also many national and international music festivals throughout the year.

The rolling hills of UmbriaSancepolcro palio flag throwing